Microsoft Office for Android is pathetically bad, too

July 31, 2013
Office Mobile for Windows Phone is bad, Office Mobile for iPhone is bad, and Office Mobile for Android makes it a trifecta
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Moto X is Motorola's chance to break free of the middle

July 30, 2013
The ugly duckling in Google's technology portfolio risks doubling down on a strategy to be just OK
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What to look for in a smart watch

July 23, 2013
The Apple and Google smart watches don't even exist, yet they're the talk of the town. Here's what they should deliver
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WTF? Microsoft's senseless Outlook app for iPads and iPhones

July 18, 2013
The Office 365-only Exchange/OWA client for iOS again shows how bad Microsoft is at mobile
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BlackBerry 10's flop won't help Windows Phone

July 16, 2013
Microsoft nurses hope that the tepid reception to the reborn BlackBerry gives it a shot against the iPhone and Android
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Mobile apps with a death wish

July 09, 2013
In a bid to look fresh, mobile app makers risk making their apps worse -- as many media apps show
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Mobile first? Mobile only? What it really means to go mobile

June 25, 2013
Everyone from startups to old-line tech providers are targeting IT, which must go mobile or go home
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Guess what? IT doesn't care what's on your iPhone

June 18, 2013
Despite fearmongering over rogue and information-leaking apps, very few organizations actually control mobile app usage
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Microsoft Office for iPhone is pathetically bad

June 14, 2013
Just as Office for Windows Phone is unusably crippled, so too is Microsoft's brand-new iOS version for Office 365 subscribers
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Unchain your mobile users and just protect the data

June 04, 2013
IT and the security industry are both focused on dubious protection plans. This proposed standard shows a better way
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