Leaked Windows Phone 'Apollo' details: Security at last?

February 03, 2012
Microsoft's smartphone platform may finally fill in the long-missing basics by Christmas
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Android's funny-numbers problem

February 01, 2012
There are lies, damned lies, and market share reports that seem to have little basis in hard data when it comes to tablet figures
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Where the iPad needs to go from here

January 31, 2012
Apple's hugely successful iPad could rest on its laurels -- but shouldn't
iPad, Tablets, Apple
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No sale: Why a new owner can't save the BlackBerry

January 24, 2012
A new CEO promises more of the same, so some investors call for RIM to be sold. Here's why that is a bad idea for troubled RIM
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Role reversal: Apple's the corporate standard for mobile

January 17, 2012
Neither Apple nor IT was looking for the iPhone to be the standard business smartphone, yet that's exactly what it's become
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Uh-oh! The carriers want to manage your smartphones

January 10, 2012
A perpetual fear of being merely 'dumb' pipes has telcos looking for ways to offer services. But can they really deliver?
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Surveys show IT's unfounded mobile security fears

January 09, 2012
In their attempts to scare enterprises, security companies have failed to produce any smoking guns
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Forget mobile payments. The future is the mobile wallet

December 27, 2011
There's no reason that almost everything in your wallet can't be handled by your smartphone
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Lessons from managing 12,500 iPads

December 20, 2011
SAP was an early advocate for and adopter of the iPad. Its CIO shares what he's learned
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