The states where iPads and iPhones are at most risk

August 15, 2012
Drops and spills are the top ways people damage their mobile devices. New data reveals in which states users are the clumsiest
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Why I couldn't connect my Windows 8 tablet to Exchange

August 14, 2012
Windows 8's adherence to Exchange rules complicates connections that work so easily on iPads and Androids
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Why you should embrace the cost of mobile

July 24, 2012
Compared to the extra labor companies get from workers, mobile management expenses are trivial
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As Nokia's Windows Phone bet falters, there's one last hope

July 17, 2012
Despite the improvements to Windows Phone and Nokia's stylish Lumia series, customers simply aren't buying
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The death of the Lapdock: The post-PC future that won't be

July 13, 2012
The device that gave the post-PC vision a face is abandoned, but a variation of its promise could well survive
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Icky business: A silicone membrane for the iPad's glass keyboard

July 11, 2012
The crowd-funded Touchfire flexible keyboard was the darling of bloggers last year, but how does it hold up in the real world?
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What you need to know about the upcoming iPhone 5

July 10, 2012
As the fall launch of Apple's signature smartphone approaches, users should begin preparing
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After I/O: Google tries to be Sony, hobbles Android's business case

July 03, 2012
Google Play, Nexus 7, Google Glass, and Nexus Q all point to a consumer electronics focus for Android
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Shocking stats: Apple rules mobile -- and it's not even close

June 26, 2012
Among companies shipping smartphones and tablets, few make money, and only four turn a profit -- with Apple far in the lead
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Who wins, who loses with the new shared data plans

June 19, 2012
Verizon's Share Everything plan is a harbinger of things to come, with surprising comparisons to what you're paying today
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