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Systems development in the twenty-first century: delivering business value by connecting people, processes and tools

The complexity of smarter products—which comprise an interconnected network of systems, software and hardware—makes development projects more complex and presents management and quality challenges. Poorly managed projects can decimate budgets and schedules, and poor-quality products can diminish brand equity and ruin customer confidence and relationships with those customers.

Proactive IT Service Management (ITSM) for Mobility: A How To Guide for Mobilizing Your Workforce

This White Paper discusses how IT can use ITSM principles to best serve C-Suite and departmental heads eager to mobilize their workers and the business. Includes the critical success factors (CSFs) and key performance indicators (KPIs) behind all effective ITSM for mobility plans. Learn how to deliver reliable mobile IT Services at the lowest cost and risk while driving continuous improvement.

IT Strategies for iPhones at work

iPhones and other smartphones are cascading into the workplace, often purchased by workers. But IT is being hounded for support to access business-critical applications with these devices. This eBook offers practical advice allowing IT to embrace this sudden change without smothering it – or losing control.

Forrester Consulting Mobility Study: Taking Control of Enterprise Mobile Device Diversity

As enterprise BlackBerry, iPhone and Android deployments grow, IT's ability to manage them is starting to suffer. This Study suggests that device diversity calls out for automated management tools that can actively monitor mobile performance, utilization, and overall user experience to ensure maximum productivity gains at the most reasonable cost.

What IT Must Do to Support Employee-Owned BlackBerry, iPhone and Android Mobile Devices

CIOs and IT management cannot stop the employee mobile device invasion. The better approach is to proactively establish a portfolio of supported mobile platforms, known as "enabled compliance." Learn how this approach, coupled with automated mobility management tools, can maximize mobile worker productivity while optimizing the balance of service quality, cost and risk.

How to Calculate ROI & TCO of Enterprise BlackBerry and iPhone Uses

To wring costs out of your BlackBerry or iPhone mobile platform, you must first understand its actual Return on Investment (ROI) and Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This handbook shows how, using a typical environment of 2,000 mobile users. Includes analytical model for lowering TCO by 15-20 percent.

Case Study: Six Billion Slurpees and Counting

Read how 2800 new laptops were deployed in 30 days reducing help desk calls by 67%, decreasing management costs by 81% and increasing productivity by 30%.

Interactive Brochure: iPhone in the Enterprise

This brochure outlines the iPhone challenges for enterprises and introduces ways that they can be addressed-without changing to existing enterprise messaging infrastructures. View now, compliments of Sybase.

How Zscaler Tackles Emerging Web Threats with High Speed, Real-Time Content Inspection in the Cloud

With the ability to conduct bi-directional, real-time inspection, emerging threats can be addressed without the need to deploy and manage software internally.

Retooling IT for a Mobile Workforce: The Importance of Automation – IDC Analyst Connection

As the workforce becomes increasingly mobile, IT needs to consider automated tools that provide proactive monitoring and desktop management and ensure compliance with IT policies. Check out this research note from IDC for guidance.

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