What to look for in a smart watch

July 23, 2013
The Apple and Google smart watches don't even exist, yet they're the talk of the town. Here's what they should deliver
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WTF? Microsoft's senseless Outlook app for iPads and iPhones

July 18, 2013
The Office 365-only Exchange/OWA client for iOS again shows how bad Microsoft is at mobile
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BlackBerry 10's flop won't help Windows Phone

July 16, 2013
Microsoft nurses hope that the tepid reception to the reborn BlackBerry gives it a shot against the iPhone and Android
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Mobile apps with a death wish

July 09, 2013
In a bid to look fresh, mobile app makers risk making their apps worse -- as many media apps show
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Mobile first? Mobile only? What it really means to go mobile

June 25, 2013
Everyone from startups to old-line tech providers are targeting IT, which must go mobile or go home
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Guess what? IT doesn't care what's on your iPhone

June 18, 2013
Despite fearmongering over rogue and information-leaking apps, very few organizations actually control mobile app usage
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Microsoft Office for iPhone is pathetically bad

June 14, 2013
Just as Office for Windows Phone is unusably crippled, so too is Microsoft's brand-new iOS version for Office 365 subscribers
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Unchain your mobile users and just protect the data

June 04, 2013
IT and the security industry are both focused on dubious protection plans. This proposed standard shows a better way
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Move over, smartphone -- the car is getting smarter

May 28, 2013
Siri Eyes Free, App Radio 3, and Automatic Link are all finally making the car as smart as your iPhone
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The new Wi-Fi: What you need to know about 802.11ac

May 21, 2013
Access points have already appeared, and devices will soon. Here's how to strategize the next leap in Wi-Fi
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