6 changes Microsoft must make to matter again in mobile

February 21, 2014
Microsoft must enact six key changes if it wants Windows to have a meaningful presence in mobile in the coming years
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Meet AOSP, the other Android, while you still can

February 14, 2014
There's more to the Android ecosystem than the branded Android devices, though the future is iffy
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No, a phablet version will not save the iPhone

February 07, 2014
Everyone is telling Apple it needs a big-screen iPhone to rekindle sales -- but a look at the data shows that won't work
iPhone, Apple
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Lenovo saved the IBM PC, but can it save the Motorola smartphone?

January 30, 2014
Lenovo acquires Motorola from Google to try to rehab another former tech icon gone bust
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The numbers are in: iOS 7 does not crash more than iOS 6

January 24, 2014
Games and media apps are more susceptible to crashes than other app types, and Android edges iOS for app stability
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Dollars and cents: The real cost of a smartphone plan

January 17, 2014
Deals promoted by T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint aren't so easy to be had -- or to decipher -- but InfoWorld's tool can help
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Dead again: BlackBerry sinks hopes for a resurrection

January 10, 2014
New CEO John Chen is saying all the wrong things his predecessors did and killing all glimmers of hope
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The 5 mobile technologies to watch in 2014

December 31, 2013
64-bit apps, motion coprocessors, iBeacons, Miracast, and MBaaS all could be on the brink of achieving great things
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Even on cruise control, mobile still blew past the PC

December 24, 2013
The irony is that as smartphones and tablets slowed to PC-like innovation they overtook PCs in sales
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When a smartphone is not a smartphone, and a tablet is not a tablet

December 17, 2013
Like PCs, mobile devices have many types of use -- which don't necessarily map to market share stats
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