How my iPad crippled my MacBook Pro

April 11, 2014
A catastrophic failure's surprising cause was my changed use of my personal computer
iPad, MacBooks
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Microsoft's smart strategy to take on Android

April 04, 2014
Microsoft and Nokia are committing to ensuring that current devices will support the Windows Phone 8.1 upgrade
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First look: Office for iPad is a mixed bag, but a good first step

March 28, 2014
Although the long-desired Office version is no match for iWork, it is perhaps a sign of better things to come
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Don't blame Android for being like a PC

March 21, 2014
Just as with a PC, having an accessible filesystem and choice of app sources means you risk malware if you're too trusting
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Create mobile apps that are actually part of your business

March 14, 2014
Building iOS and Android apps only outside your core systems means you're not getting the value you could from mobile
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5 changes BlackBerry must make to have a ghost of a chance

March 07, 2014
The company that once defined the smartphone needs to look elsewhere for its future
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First look: xPrintServer for Android, Chrome OS

February 28, 2014
Printing from Android and Chrome OS isn't so simple, but Lantronix's tiny print server makes it much easier
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Galaxy S5, Nokia 'Windroid,' BlackBerry Q20: The hype hits the fan

February 25, 2014
Despite the hubbub, Samsung, Nokia, and Microsoft aren't moving the needle much in their new smartphones
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6 changes Microsoft must make to matter again in mobile

February 21, 2014
Microsoft must enact six key changes if it wants Windows to have a meaningful presence in mobile in the coming years
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Meet AOSP, the other Android, while you still can

February 14, 2014
There's more to the Android ecosystem than the branded Android devices, though the future is iffy
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