Microsoft crushes Intel's mobile hopes

September 20, 2011
With Microsoft's switch to ARM for tablets, only Google is publicly backing Intel for mobile devices
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Life on the mobile edge: Revenge of the fanboys

September 16, 2011
Some people get really ticked off when you say their robot baby is ugly
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Watch out, Apple: Windows 8 could trump the iPad

September 14, 2011
Microsoft has adopted Apple's usability religion with great fervor, and it looks poised to deliver an impressive result
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Windows 8 tablets: How Microsoft can win this time

September 13, 2011
Today, Microsoft promises to reveal its Windows 8 strategy and its path back to innovation. Here's what to look for
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Why I'm covering the Windows 8 reveal from my iPad

September 12, 2011
Two words explain it all: battery life
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Why native mobile apps beat HTML5 mobile apps

September 09, 2011
Web standards lack essential gesture-savvy, and of course can't take full advantage of the tablets' and smartphones' strengths
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A year with an iPad: How it's changed me

September 06, 2011
InfoWorld's mobile columnist reflects on how using an iPad has changed how, when, and where he works, reads, and entertains himself
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HP transfers WebOS from the PC group: The game's afoot

September 05, 2011
The brains behind WebOS are now part of the company's strategy group, another sign that WebOS devices are really dead -- as a bigger drama is unfolding at HP
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How the iPhone crippled T-Mobile

September 02, 2011
Even if the feds prevent AT&T's takeover, T-Mobile is still dying -- and the iPhone is a big reason why
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Windows Phone 'Mango': Ripe or rotten?

August 30, 2011
Microsoft's silence on its smartphone OS's business features leaves questions on whether it's bridged Windows Phone 7's many gaps
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