Have your HTML5 and native app too

November 01, 2011
A new browser and set of APIs and code libraries for iOS and Android devices promise HTML5 apps that tap into native capabilities
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How RIM can save BlackBerry: Adopt Windows Phone

October 28, 2011
The BlackBerry is first and foremost a messaging device, and Microsoft's mobile OS is a modern messenger
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Warning: 'Ultrabook' laptops are all hot air

October 25, 2011
That Ultrabook label on thin Windows laptops has no real meaning, so be careful when you buy a new laptop
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The 'new' BlackBerry BBX OS: Just more of the same

October 21, 2011
This week, RIM revealed its road map for BlackBerry app developers -- the same unfulfilled plan first seen a year ago
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Even the BlackBerry faithful are abandoning RIM

October 20, 2011
Large enterprises are rapidly moving to iOS and Android, relegating BlackBerrys to minority status in 2012
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The simple way for IT to support iPads and iPhones

October 18, 2011
As employees are allowed to bring in their own mobile devices, IT frets about the support burden -- but it needn't worry
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12 ways Apple's iOS 5 falls short

October 14, 2011
As good as it is, the latest iPhone and iPad operating system misses the mark in several areas; here are my 12 biggest peeves
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Want secure Android devices? They'll cost you

October 11, 2011
Google's 3LM soon-to-be subsidiary brings iOS-like management to Android, but only to device makers who sign up
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Beware the iPhone 4S's 'worldphone' trap

October 07, 2011
The iPhone 4S can work overseas, but only on overpriced partner networks if you get one through AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint
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The horrible state of mobile publishing

October 07, 2011
Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Microsoft Word, and Apple Pages are severely flawed, complicating the distribution of content to mobile readers
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