Forget mobile payments. The future is the mobile wallet

December 27, 2011
There's no reason that almost everything in your wallet can't be handled by your smartphone
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Lessons from managing 12,500 iPads

December 20, 2011
SAP was an early advocate for and adopter of the iPad. Its CIO shares what he's learned
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Android's secret surge in business

December 16, 2011
Surprising traffic results show that Android devices are well ensconced in the enterprise, but IT hasn't got a clue
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Developing Android apps for x86: What you need to know

December 13, 2011
Intel is planning a big Android push this spring, and the 'Ice Cream Sandwich' SDK lets developers join in
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Can Microsoft really pull off Office for iPad?

December 09, 2011
Apple's iWork suite has shown the way, but it's not good enough for many businesses
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Android invades the enterprise: How to handle it

December 06, 2011
IT pros worried about the iPhone will soon have a real problem: The malware-ridden, unpatched Android universe
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RIM's faux BES for iOS and Android: Too little, too late

December 02, 2011
If you look past the hype, you can see that RIM offers no more than you already have
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When mobile apps go bad

November 29, 2011
Mobile apps get frequent updates -- whether you want them or not -- and sometimes the result is an inferior product
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Off with their heads! Mobile Edge's 2011 Turkey Awards

November 22, 2011
In a year of amazing innovation and adoption of mobile tech, there were also some amazing duds and boneheaded moves
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