Business smartphone, personal smartphone: One device

February 28, 2012
New technology offers true separation of work, personal options on mobile devices -- for users and IT support teams
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Android 4: Now you see it, now you don't

February 21, 2012
Google's unified mobile OS was announced in October but good luck finding it. At this point, can anyone count on it?
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The end of the PC, courtesy of Microsoft

February 14, 2012
Apple dealt a severe blow to the traditional PC with the iPad, but it looks as if Microsoft itself will finish the job
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The dark side of Apple's dominance

February 07, 2012
Apple may become the Microsoft of mobile -- for better or for worse -- as Android sales drop and leave the mobile industry fewer dollars to divvy up
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Leaked Windows Phone 'Apollo' details: Security at last?

February 03, 2012
Microsoft's smartphone platform may finally fill in the long-missing basics by Christmas
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Android's funny-numbers problem

February 01, 2012
There are lies, damned lies, and market share reports that seem to have little basis in hard data when it comes to tablet figures
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Where the iPad needs to go from here

January 31, 2012
Apple's hugely successful iPad could rest on its laurels -- but shouldn't
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No sale: Why a new owner can't save the BlackBerry

January 24, 2012
A new CEO promises more of the same, so some investors call for RIM to be sold. Here's why that is a bad idea for troubled RIM
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Role reversal: Apple's the corporate standard for mobile

January 17, 2012
Neither Apple nor IT was looking for the iPhone to be the standard business smartphone, yet that's exactly what it's become
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Uh-oh! The carriers want to manage your smartphones

January 10, 2012
A perpetual fear of being merely 'dumb' pipes has telcos looking for ways to offer services. But can they really deliver?
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