The strategy Microsoft must pursue to recover from Windows 8

November 06, 2012
Yes, tablet and PC environments mesh poorly, but the new Windows reveals a sea change: PCs are now simply a type of mobile device
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How Windows Phone 8 security compares to iOS and Android

October 30, 2012
Microsoft finally delivers a smartphone platform that businesses can accept, but overall, it still falls short of the iPhone
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The iPad Mini: It's all about iTunes

October 23, 2012
Apple's anchor app will gain another foothold when the 7.9-inch tablet ships, taking on Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire for entertainment use
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3 easy steps to a more secure iPhone or iPad

October 16, 2012
Apple's iOS has several weak spots that can instill a false sense of security -- unless you take these steps to fix them
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RIM's road map to unified mobile management

October 09, 2012
RIM unites its three-server strategy for old and new BlackBerrys, as well as Android and iOS devices under BES 10
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My week without a smartphone

October 02, 2012
When contemplating whether to upgrade my iPhone, it hit me: Maybe I don't really need one at all
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iOS 6's Apple Maps: Yes, it's that bad

September 24, 2012
A flawed cornerstone app ships despite developer warnings, signaling that perhaps pride is prized over quality at Apple
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How iOS 6 gives IT more control over iPhones and iPads

September 20, 2012
New control features will appeal to both regulated industries and retailers
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Good Technology kicks the BlackBerry when it's down

September 19, 2012
Mobile management vendor senses an opportunity to displace RIM from enterprises as IT freaks out about BlackBerry 10
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What you lose if you switch to the iPhone 5

September 18, 2012
With all the focus on its new capabilities, some feature removals in Apple's new smartphone may be easily overlooked
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