Mobile 2013: Defining decisions for Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nokia, RIM, Samsung

December 18, 2012
There'll be no more room for excuses for the major smartphone and tablet providers
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The fallacy of wireless power

December 11, 2012
Induction chargers promise convenience but use more power and take more space -- and they're not wireless
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8 easy fixes Apple should make to iOS 6

December 04, 2012
The iPhone and iPad OS has several simple deficiencies that Apple really shouldn't let linger
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Microsoft's missteps give BlackBerry a new shot at life

November 27, 2012
Windows Phone 8's shortcomings leave a market space that RIM can reclaim
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Samsung's Galaxy Note Smart Dock is a dumb addition

November 20, 2012
This smartphone accessory should definitely not be on anyone's Christmas list
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A step closer to cleaning up the mobile cloud mess

November 13, 2012
Cloud storage services are great, but in mobile they suffer from a double whammy of separation and inconsistent support
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The strategy Microsoft must pursue to recover from Windows 8

November 06, 2012
Yes, tablet and PC environments mesh poorly, but the new Windows reveals a sea change: PCs are now simply a type of mobile device
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How Windows Phone 8 security compares to iOS and Android

October 30, 2012
Microsoft finally delivers a smartphone platform that businesses can accept, but overall, it still falls short of the iPhone
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The iPad Mini: It's all about iTunes

October 23, 2012
Apple's anchor app will gain another foothold when the 7.9-inch tablet ships, taking on Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire for entertainment use
iPad, iOS, Tablets, Apple
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3 easy steps to a more secure iPhone or iPad

October 16, 2012
Apple's iOS has several weak spots that can instill a false sense of security -- unless you take these steps to fix them
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