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Microsoft verging on single OS across all devices

Next version of Windows will pull together Windows for PCs and tablets, Windows Phone, and Xbox One, CEO Nadella told investors

Business leaders know: Let in the smartphones, tablets, laptops

Forward-thinking firms like Kraft didn't wait for employees to bring in consumer tech, but led the effort themselves

XML co-founder Tim Bray: Beware of spies in your software

Governments are a key offender, he stresses, advising use of HTTPS and OpenPGP to block software-based security threats

Oracle ships 57 mobile apps for JD Edwards enterprise suite

The apps for Oracle's JD Edwards EnterpriseOne business software suite are available at no additional cost to licensed customers

Google to face privacy suit over new user data policy

Only one part of the class action lawsuit was allowed to continue by a federal court in California

Facebook to release open source library for iOS interface development

Async Display Kit, part of Facebook's Paper interface app for iOS, offers users better scrolling on devices

Open sesame: How iOS 8 will unlock Touch ID's power

Apple's Touch ID has been met with less enthusiasm than it deserves; here's how this technology could improve your daily life

Apple's iPhone 6 could have biggest initial production

Apple is reportedly ordering 70 to 80 million units of two big-screen versions of its next iPhone smartphones

Yahoo buys Flurry to make more money from mobile apps

The deal could help Yahoo better target ads on mobile devices

What you need to know about using Bluetooth beacons

Apple's iBeacons technology is merely the start of a new approach to location-aware apps

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BlackBerry's square smartphone and other desperate moves
BlackBerry's square smartphone and other desperate moves

Blog by Galen Gruman

The company is attacking competitors and talking up a square smartphone, when what it needs to do is shut up and deliver
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