The Windows XP quiz: Do you know what happens now?

How much do you really know about the future of this aging, revolutionary OS now that Microsoft has pulled the plug on its life support?

By , April 07, 2014

Thanks to an overbearing and largely unsuccessful attempt to "teach" Windows XP customers that their computers are going to die, die, die on April 8, many everyday consumers are convinced their XP machines will stop on that day, turned off by the big bit flipper in the sky.

Of course, you're sophisticated enough to know that XP will live on and on -- and on and on -- but do you know the key details about XP's slow saunter into the sunset?

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As things stand right now -- assuming Microsoft doesn't waffle any more -- there's a rather complex series of steps in store for XP users, and those who have to support XP machines.

How well do you know the immediate future of the second-most-popular OS on earth?

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