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Microsoft looks to woo developers with Windows Phone upgrade

Windows Phone update improves security and messaging, but the platform still trails Android and iOS by a wide margin

Microsoft gets smart to the 'dual user' -- and to reality

CEO Satya Nadella gets how the world has changed and how Microsoft needs to fit in the new tech landscape

Microsoft comes clean on 'weird things' in Windows Server 2012 R2, Server 2003

Microsoft issues a warning on a Windows Server conflict that's a model of clarity and insight. Yes, that Microsoft

What we know about the next versions of Windows

Rumors are rampant, but here's what's on for sure with Windows 8.1 Updates, Windows 9, Windows 365, Windows Phone, Xbox, and 'Threshold'

Microsoft verging on single OS across all devices

Next version of Windows will pull together Windows for PCs and tablets, Windows Phone, and Xbox One, CEO Nadella told investors

Microsoft revenue lifted by cloud sales to businesses

Revenue was up by 18 percent, but profits for the quarter were down

Microsoft's new mega tech conference: The pros and cons

A new mega-show will replace the familiar specialty conferences, and not everyone is happy about it

Leaked 'Windows 9' screenshots reveal more detail about reborn Start menu

It's not here yet, but recent leaks have given us another look at the refreshed Start menu for Windows due in 2015

Microsoft layoffs: What the bloodbath leaves behind

The announcement that Microsoft will lay off 18,000 people in the coming year also details the removal of Android from Microsoft's mobile future

Microsoft's latest Azure moves shows it's all-in with the cloud

IT is moving away from its on-premises comfort zone, and Microsoft is pushing IT along

Microsoft Windows Test Center: analysis

Windows 7 RTM: The revenge of Windows...

Windows Vista lacked the right stuff to unseat Windows XP. Does Windows 7 really have what it takes? more

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InfoWorld Windows 7 Deep Dive Report

InfoWorld's experts evaluate the newest edition of Windows in the context of what matters to IT and business professionals more

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Monitor your PCs with Windows Sentinel

InfoWorld's free tool lets you monitor your own PC, test PCs, users' PCs, and Windows servers with easy dashboard... more

Microsoft gets smart to the 'dual user' -- and to reality
Microsoft gets smart to the 'dual user' -- and to reality

Blog by J. Peter Bruzzese

CEO Satya Nadella gets how the world has changed and how Microsoft needs to fit in the new tech landscape
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