Windows Server 2012 brings high-availability file shares

March 20, 2013
New options for file-share availability with SMB 3 make the move more enticing, with cloudlike failover potential
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10 new cool tools for Exchange admins

March 13, 2013
Lots of new tools are coming out from Microsoft and others to help the mail keep flowing and people working
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Windows Server 2012 makes IP management easy -- even IPv6

March 08, 2013
IP management just got a little simpler, with IPAM utility for IPv4 and useful tips for IPv6
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It's time to loosen your cold, dead grip on Windows XP

February 27, 2013
With XP apocalypse nearly a year away, admins should jump to Windows 7 or Windows 8 before they're pushed over the cliff
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iPad meets Windows: The new face of computer training

February 21, 2013
Highly graphical, interactive, and mobile education systems shows what's new and what's still key from established tech
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Windows Server 2012 makes storage cool again

February 13, 2013
The storage improvements in Windows Server 2012 are seriously worth investigating
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The case for renting Office 2013 instead of buying it

February 06, 2013
Office 365 may seem more expensive at first, but it's actually cheaper in most circumstances -- and offers more functionality
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Exchange 2013: Cool enhancements and hidden gems

January 30, 2013
Microsoft's latest version of Exchange offers cool new features you'll unearth once you roll up your sleeves and dig in
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Why the Surface Pro will bury the Surface RT

January 23, 2013
In a few weeks, Microsoft will deliver the Windows tablet that really runs Windows
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How I decided to go to the cloud

January 16, 2013
Four considerations should inform your decision to use cloud versus on-premise resources
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