Virtualize unified messaging for Microsoft Exchange

September 07, 2011
You can formally run Microsoft's communication tools on any major vendor's VM -- as long as you observe a few key rules
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7 great Office 2010 add-ins

August 31, 2011
Make Microsoft Office even more capable by using these plug-in tools
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If you must have in-house social tools, go with SharePoint

August 24, 2011
Our Microsoft blogger shares some practical advice on how to implement social networking at the office with SharePoint
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Windows Server 8: A big leap for Hyper-V

August 17, 2011
Microsoft's sneak peek at the Windows 8 server edition shows big Hyper-V improvements for scalability and replication
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How to find -- and keep -- a good job in IT, even today

August 10, 2011
There are several basic but important steps to take: broaden into the hot tech skills, invest in yourself, and show what you've got
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Stupid is as stupid does with IE user hoax 'study'

August 03, 2011
A silly hoax 'study' claiming that Internet Explorer users have below-average IQs makes some people happy as pigs in slop
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5 more free tools for Windows 7 you have to try

July 27, 2011
Despite all of Windows 7's capabilities, creative developers keep finding cool utilities to offer to make it even better
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VMware's new license model may have admins running to Hyper-V

July 20, 2011
vSphere 5 changes the game in a bad way, and it may cost VMware in its war against Microsoft
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SharePoint 2010 SP1: What it does -- and does not do

July 13, 2011
A host of small improvements make SharePoint even better, and its database size limitations are significantly raised for some systems
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5 tips for SharePoint 2010 deployment and configuration

July 06, 2011
As businesses prioritize SharePoint usage, here's how to start your implementation the right way
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