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Review: RHEL 7 lands with a jolt

Review: RHEL 7 lands with a jolt

There's a lot to like in the next Red Hat Enterprise Linux, but some fundamental changes may prove problematic

Friend or foe? Microsoft partners wary of Office 365 migration plans

Microsoft's self-interest may leave solutions providers in the lurch, but for now there's still a need for third-party help...  more

Manage infrastructure convergence without losing your grip

Admins will wear many hats as they tackle the infrastructure convergence brought on by rampant data and application growth... more

How Red Hat can catch the developer train

Developers are embracing a range of open source technologies, virtually none supported or sold by Red Hat. Can the open source giant recover?... more

Back to basics: 5 baffling tech support tales

Kill this key! Use your bionic vision! Play family counselor! These requests are all in a day's work at the help desk... more

How to expedite continuous testing

Using a combination of Jenkins and Circle CI, plus some Ruby and GitHub know-how, will make for a smooth process... more

Download the Deep Dive: Leveraging the cloud for backup and disaster recovery

Cloud-based backup and DR solutions have compelling advantages, but also significant limitations. Find out whether the cloud can meet your backup and recovery objectives.... more

The top iOS 8 features for business users

iOS 8 has several features that business users will love and use. Here are the ones to look forward to the most... more

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2009 Technology of the Year Awards: App...

The best: RIA dev platform, Web app for building Web apps, IDE for Ruby on Rails, and IDE, period more

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How to Populate Your CMDB in Four Steps

Download this White Paper today! more

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Dynamic programming futures

JavaScript, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, and other dynamic languages are remaking the Web and bringing programming to the masses.... more

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