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HTML5 brings rich application functionality to the Web, with all major browsers supporting the HTML5 specifications.

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Adobe, Intel want in on mobile app magic is providing its Apache Cordova refinements to Intel and Adobe to improve mobile apps overall

Bootstrap 3.2 highlights mobile features, adds browser bug tracking

Twitter's front-end Web framework adds responsive functionality for mobile presentation, tracking for browser bugs framework gets AngularJS integration

Mobile app framework is now free for all to use and integrates with AngularJS; later it will integrate with other third-party JavaScript frameworks

Following, Ludei takes a swing at PhoneGap too

Ludei CocoonJS boasts better deployment of HTML5-based mobile applications, with speed and dev tools as selling points

Half full or half empty? HTML5's mixed outlook

HTML5 faces an uncertain future, according to a new IDC report, and likely won't replace native mobile application development anytime soon

Adobe Flash: Insecure, outdated, and here to stay

Given its lax security and incompatibility with mobile, Flash should be gone -- but it lingers for reasons that are tough to get past

The Chrome Apps empire could be coming to iOS

Google plans to let developers deploy Chrome-packaged apps on any platform where there's Chrome -- including Android and iOS

Fast and flashy: JavaScript framework revealed's product to bring complex 3D graphics, realistic motion to stock Web browsers and ordinary Web developers

Google's Dart language turns 1(.0)

Google's homebrew language for creating Web apps hits its first full release, but faces long road to displacing JavaScript

Chrome 31 pushes Web apps a step closer to desktop apps

Google's Portable Native Client lets developers deploy C/C++ inside desktop Chrome. Will other browser makers join in?

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HTML5 Deep Dive

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