Why OpenFlow is the next big thing

July 01, 2013
The networking revolution has begun, and it's going to be good for (almost) everyone
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Move over, Cisco IOS: Dawn of the industry-standard switch

June 24, 2013
Bring your own switch, load your own operating system, and save a bundle -- maybe
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The end of the open Internet as we know it?

June 17, 2013
PRISM exposes an Internet devolving from an open flow of human ideas into an X-ray machine with an agenda
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Think twice before upgrading core firmware

June 10, 2013
When it comes to vital data center infrastructure, the call for the latest and greatest firmware can end up being a siren song
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Why Sun's NIS will never die

June 03, 2013
Although 28 years old and insecure, Sun's old Network Information Service lives on in networks across the globe
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Virtualization roulette: One 10G switch is never enough

May 28, 2013
The old joke 'If you can't afford two Porsches, you can't afford one' might apply to 10G switches, but there's a poor man's alternative
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When server consolidation goes too far

May 20, 2013
Virtualization has revolutionized the data center, but less isn't always more when it comes to the number of server virtualization hosts
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Wake up, IT, and get a grip on SaaS

May 13, 2013
End-runs around IT may be quick, but they're not healthy for the company's overall outlook
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My kingdom for a keyboard: Disruption hits home

May 06, 2013
All it takes is a slip of the wrist and a badly placed beverage to disrupt your familiar workflow
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Why Internet surveillance will never work

April 29, 2013
Government monitoring of Internet traffic would snare everyone but the cyber criminals
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