Restore the right to privacy with self-signed certificates

September 16, 2013
If we can no longer trust the certification authorities, then we'll have to secure the Internet ourselves
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Beware of backups that come back to bite you

September 09, 2013
The problem with packrat backups is that you never know when or where they're going to pop up
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Why you should be using rsync

September 03, 2013
Rsync doesn't get the credit it deserves. Here's what you might be missing
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Zombie scripts can attack at any time

August 26, 2013
Make no mistake, abandoned scripts and other IT zombies can make for spirited problem solving
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Build up your production system by first tearing it down

August 12, 2013
Beating preproduction gear to the ground is a great way to learn the system and excellent prep for future troubleshooting
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No, Google Fiber doesn't violate Net neutrality

August 05, 2013
Let's not undermine the Net neutrality fight with poor interpretations
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Why talent for tech is different than skill

July 29, 2013
Taming technology is sometimes more art than science, but the difference can sometimes be hard to discern
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6 wishes for SysAdmin Appreciation Day

July 26, 2013
What? You didn't know today was SysAdmin Appreciation Day? Better slip around the corner and buy flowers. Better yet, do your best to fulfill at least one wish from this list
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The coming push for open source everything

July 22, 2013
When we can no longer trust proprietary hardware or software, open source becomes the only option
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Nine traits of the veteran network admin

July 15, 2013
Born or made, network admins share certain defining characteristics. Here are but nine
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