Why the fax machine refuses to die

September 06, 2011
The fax should be a distant memory by now, but the bizarre ritual of transmitting documents over the phone line persists
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The lost art of reading packet traces

August 29, 2011
When network problems seem to defy the laws of physics, you'd better know your way around the dark region below layer 3
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Shionogi shenanigans: Tech journalism hits a new low

August 22, 2011
Coverage of the Shionogi sabotage includes ridiculous comparisons with the case of Terry Childs -- and much of the reporting is flat-out wrong
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Rise of the machines: The concept of mass technological revolt

August 15, 2011
Ever had your electronic world come crashing down around you? You may have been hit by MTR
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Addicted to IT: Quitting is not an option

August 08, 2011
Ever yearn for the simple life? Sure you have. But don't fool yourself into thinking you'll ever escape your cage of cables and blinking lights
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The last word on app dev accountability -- and a reader challenge

August 01, 2011
What's worse: too much regulation or crap code that causes damage only victims pay for? That question answers itself, once you solve a simple riddle
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The fuss over accountability for bad code

July 25, 2011
Who should pay when poor coding damages customers? The hornet's nest poked two weeks buzzes on -- and an example of lazy coding helps clarify the issue
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Why those guilty of bad code must pay

July 18, 2011
Judging by reader feedback on last week's post, most people think it's a terrible idea to make companies liable for bad code. Here's why they're wrong
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It's time to make poor coding a felony

July 11, 2011
Are you responsible for horrible code that's allowed millions of user accounts to be compromised? Go directly to jail
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Zombie apps return from the grave!

July 05, 2011
You thought they were gone and forgotten. But after years in purgatory, some applications simply refuse to die
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