Jailbreaking the Internet: For freedom's sake

January 30, 2012
With so many threats to a free and open Internet, sooner or later, people will need to arm themselves for the fight
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Building the next Internet

January 23, 2012
Ignorance and greed are on target to break the current Internet, so what will the next one look like?
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How to move a data center without having a heart attack

January 09, 2012
Before the event, consider everything that can go wrong, make contingency plans, exploit opportunities to upgrade, and label everything
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Why politicians should never make laws about technology

January 03, 2012
As the world gets more and more technical, we can't let Luddites decide the fate of dangerous legislation like SOPA
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Secondhand networks and back-alley firmware

December 19, 2011
Sometimes, you have no other option but to get your code and gear from questionable sources
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Homegrown solutions: The good and the bad

December 12, 2011
One size fits all is a bad idea for IT -- so we have to find new ways to split the difference between build and buy
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The Carrier IQ scandal: Enough is enough

December 05, 2011
Is a smartphone that spies on its user just another fact of life in the privacy-free digital age? Or has a line finally been crossed?
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Stay connected when disaster strikes

November 28, 2011
Remote monitoring and control systems enable you to troubleshoot your data center from afar. Here's how to ensure you can connect to them in an emergency
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Troubleshoot your data center from the easy chair

November 21, 2011
Remote management is the key to maintaining your sanity when the bits hit the fan
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Why aren't you using FreeBSD?

November 07, 2011
FreeBSD is a free, fast, stable, feature-rich operating system. If you've never looked into it before, you should
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