• Wanted: A visionary, aggressive, and hardworking executive who is willing to drive change for the better around our dysfunctional and complex enterprise architecture that’s costing the business and the investors millions of dollars a month. ... more

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  • You may need to hit the button and not yet know it.... more

  • If you're looking to do SOA on the cheap, you'll find quickly that not paying now means you'll be paying dearly later... more

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  • The last word on EA and ESB.... more

  • Why I continue to be right on this issue. ... more

  • Why I am still right about the whole ESB thing. ... more

  • Things to think about as you move towards SOA... more

  • While acquisition sprees reduce infrastructure choices, other factors keep a variety of SOA platforms available... more

  • Meta-IT represents a new IT management framework and governance packaged into a set of results-oriented best practices... more

  • I came across this article on TechTarget.com by Rich Seeley, outlining issues around ESB integration. "Enterprise service bus (ESB) intermediation remains an issue despite the adoption of WS-* standards, argues John Michelsen, chief architect at iTKO Inc., the testing vendor specializing in service-oriented architecture (SOA)." "They're finding that two or three different divisions of their company are using dif... more

  • Enterprise Resource Planning for Information Technology (ERP for It, ERP4IT) describes the automation of Information Technology. Wikipedia The management of people, capital, relationships, assets, and information is one of the most critical functions of business AND information technology. However, the resource planning and management of IT across the enterprise is typically either an undisciplined practice or a... more

  • One of the things covered in the recent Burton report was an instance where a new CIO was needed to get SOA going. Loraine Lawson does a good job covering the report, and the CIO angle in her recent post. "A new CIO coming on board during a business and IT reorganization often made the difference between SOA failure and SOA success, according to Anne Thomas Manes, an analyst with the Burton Group who recently st... more

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  • Todd Biske pushes back on the issues of incentives for reuse on my podcast covering Joe's blog post from last week. "The word in there that concerns me is 'incented.' Many advocates for reuse also recommend some form of incentive program. Clearly, incentives are a possible tool to leverage for behavior change, but we're much smarter than Pavlov's dogs. Sometimes, people get too focused on the incentive, and not ... more

  • I urge you to check out this article in Tech Target by Michael Meehan covering a recent report from the Burton Group. In essence, SOA is going well, sometimes, but it is not going well all of the time, and people are the issue. We've heard this before (mainly here), but few are catching on and correcting problems within their own organizations. Great data points to consider as you press forward with your SOA pro... more

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  • I'm getting some reports from a few of those charged with making SOA work within some of the larger enterprises. They are experiencing what I call SOA rage. SOA rage is the negative reaction some of the architects are getting from those charged with changing existing systems. I expected some of this. We're doing a few things that could indeed get on the last nerve of existing IT, such as looking at existing inef... more

  • Joe McKendrick knocked it out of the park this week with his latest entry, "Ten ways to tell it's not SOA." A few of my favorites: "1) If a vendor tells you that you need to buy a suite to get to SOA ... it's not SOA. SOA means complete freedom from suites and integrated packages." "2) If a vendor is trying to sell you hardware ... it's not SOA. Enough said." "6) If your CIO is clueless about what's going on wit... more

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