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How to avoid a HealthCare.gov fiasco in your cloud

The key flaw in the botched rollout was a sound enterprise architecture approach

Suse open-sources live updater for Linux kernel

Kgraft, which allows live patching of the Linux kernel without downtime, is available under the GPLv3 license

Red Hat Enterprise Virtualization promises more OpenStack integration

RHEV 3.4 beta adds greater integration with OpenStack, as well as more network management functionality and storage options

Call for entries: The 2014 Enterprise Architecture Awards

InfoWorld, Forrester Research, and the Penn State University Center for Enterprise Architecture invite you to tell us about your successful enterprise architecture initiatives

Intel's 800Gbps optical cable could be copper's death knell

Intel's MXC optical connector promises better-than-PCIe speeds and is set to eliminate copper -- eventually

The key knowledge gap hindering your cloud

SOA is critical to effective cloud computing, most people who build cloud don't have a clue about SOA or its principles

4 ways the Open Compute Project will impact hardware design

Facebook's Open Compute Project could have broad influences, beneficial and baneful, on data center hardware

IBM's losing ground with Unix -- and Oracle may follow

Sales of IBM's Unix servers are down almost 20 percent for Q3 compared to last year as market for proprietary Unix hardware shrinks

Enterprise architecture shows its business value

In the fourth annual Enterprise Architecture Awards, we recognize five companies whose EA practice has influenced the development of successful business strategy

Cisco CEO: We will become the No. 1 IT company

John Chambers talks about how SDN fits into its architecture, what Insieme is all about, and why the 'Internet of things' matters

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