RG: It’s going to be a lot sooner than that. What you’re going to see is sort of a two-step process coming from Sun in the area of essentially Web 2.0 and software-as-a-service offerings. There are a number of trends in the industry that we’re lining up to service. One is to ensure that companies who have enterprise-scale internal solutions can convert those quickly to Web 2.0 customer-facing solutions. You’ll see a lot of activity around that. The other observation is there are thousands of startups out there who are building essentially Web 2.0 service-based solutions that are forced to start from scratch and building a complicated stack of software. There’s a lot of technology that we have to afford to all of these new companies. Some of that is from the labs, some of that is from the software technology programs that we have at Sun. Those are some of the big trends you’ll see coming forward out of Sun.