Enterprise apps get a face-lift

September 23, 2010
At Oracle OpenWorld and JavaOne, improving the UIs of enterprise Java applications was all the buzz
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Intel tools harness the true promise of multicore chips

September 16, 2010
Intel Parallel Building Blocks make it easier for C and C++ developers to take advantage of multicore processors
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Watch out Java, here comes JavaScript

September 09, 2010
Once a lightweight browser scripting language, JavaScript is making a resurgence on the server
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Excitement brewing for JavaOne 2010, with or without Google

September 02, 2010
Despite rumors of unrest, this year's JavaOne could be the platform's most significant conference ever
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Are tribal monocultures the future of software development?

August 27, 2010
An increasing tendency toward vendor-specific languages suggests a gradual eroding of developer choice
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Why Oracle was right to sue Google

August 19, 2010
Oracle's Android lawsuit is just the first step in the long-awaited resurrection of the Java platform
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Programming prizes on the rise: The risks of entering

August 12, 2010
Software development contests offer opportunities for programmers to distinguish themselves in the job market, if they can afford the risks
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Is open source right for your software business?

August 05, 2010
Contrary to assumptions, commercial open source vendors have few real advantages in a tough software market
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Developer burnout: Time to end the 'disposable geek' mentality

July 29, 2010
Late hours, lack of time off, and limited opportunity to get ahead lead to worker burnout -- and hurt companies in the long run
, IT Management
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Google vs. Microsoft: The battle of Ormandy

July 22, 2010
A recent incident has divided the security community over what constitutes "reasonable" disclosure of security vulnerabilities
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