App stores: Will they kill developers' freedom?

February 19, 2009
If Apple's iTunes App Store becomes the model for software distribution, it could mean bad news for software developers
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MySQL shake-up could be a blessing

February 12, 2009
Executive turnover could signal a renewed enterprise focus for Sun's open source database -- if Sun doesn't screw it up
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The case for supporting and using Mono

February 05, 2009
Novell's open-source .Net clone is alive and well, and it's turning up in surprising, useful places.
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The case against Web apps

January 29, 2009
Five reasons why Web-based development might not be the best choice for your enterprise.
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Tech to Obama: Think patent reform

January 22, 2009
Repealing software patents could give a much-needed boost to the tech industry in troubled economic times
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Palm charges back with WebOS

January 15, 2009
Can a new operating system help the embattled PDA vendor regain its dominant position in the handheld market?
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Slim down your software

January 08, 2009
A new Forrester report says to forget the "enterprise" and shoot for a leaner, meaner software development process.
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Software development predictions for 2009

January 02, 2009
A battered economy will mean tightening belts, changing customer allegiances, and the Web as the platform of choice.
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Are operating systems doomed?

December 26, 2008
The new philosophy of application development is making the traditional OS irrelevant, but what are the implications for enterprise IT?
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Native Client: Google's craziest idea yet

December 18, 2008
Is Google's plan to run native x86 code inside browser windows just a disaster waiting to happen?
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