We need more polyglot programmers

April 30, 2009
Too many developers limit themselves to C++ and Java, in spite of the wealth of exciting new options
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Ten ways Oracle could make money from Sun

April 23, 2009
"Consolidation" will be the watchword as Oracle absorbs Sun Microsystems, but it shouldn't ignore the plum technologies in Sun's portfolio
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Increased R&D spending is vital to the software industry

April 16, 2009
In tough economic times, if the largest software vendors don't fund innovation, who will?
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What if Oracle bought Sun Microsystems?

April 09, 2009
If Oracle picks up where IBM left off, database, storage, and Java customers could be in for radical changes
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Coder, your days are numbered

April 02, 2009
Communication skills, not coding skills, are a developer's greatest asset in a bear economy
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IBM: The new development powerhouse?

March 26, 2009
An IBM/Sun merger could crown Big Blue king of enterprise software development
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Selling software in the post-retail era

March 19, 2009
The iTunes App Store demonstrates the weaknesses of the online software distribution model
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We have seen the future, and it is x86

March 12, 2009
Intel's ubiquitous architecture is cheap and easy. Is that the best we can do?
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iPhones, netbooks, and the age of the invisible PC

March 05, 2009
The usage models of computing are changing. Can the software development community keep up?
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Gazelle: The browser that thinks like an OS

February 27, 2009
A new browser prototype from Microsoft Research offers a glimpse at the next stage of computing's evolution
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