What not to code: Why in-house apps need a professional eye

September 17, 2009
If you rely on programmers to design your application's UI, the result will be software with a face only a developer could love
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Why software developers are immune from the recession

September 10, 2009
Programmers are finding jobs and development budgets are climbing -- and we have your company's poor planning and flawed processes to thank
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Google Android: The party is over

September 03, 2009
Google's smartphone OS is open source, hardware-agnostic, and developer-friendly. So how come its developers seem so unhappy?
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HTML5: Can the center hold?

August 28, 2009
As work progresses on the next-generation markup language, ongoing disagreements call to question the ideal of a truly standards-compliant Web
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The perils of becoming a cloud software developer

August 20, 2009
SaaS vendors and Web-based businesses such as Twitter are opening their APIs to third-party developers. But are their platform offerings strong enough to build on?
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Developers should learn from the Palm Pre's privacy mistakes

August 13, 2009
If software vendors don't make their data-collection practices more transparent, regulators are liable to step in and do it for us
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Apple demonstrates the need for Net neutrality -- now

August 06, 2009
Recent moves to block apps from the iPhone show why legislation to preserve equal access to the Internet is needed now more than ever
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How Wolfram Alpha could change software

July 30, 2009
The upstart "computational knowledge engine" claims its results are original works, raising important questions about software and intellectual property
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What's the best first language for a programmer?

July 24, 2009
For young developers learning programming for the first time, curiosity and enthusiasm are more important than rigor and discipline
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Rethinking code optimization for mobile and multicore

July 16, 2009
Artificial intelligence could be the key to building more efficient software for mobile platforms and multicore chips. MilePost is giving it a shot
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