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Go from Analysis to Action on your Desktop: IBM Cognos Insight guides business analysts to faster, better outcomes

This paper explores how IBM Cognos® Insight, a breakthrough personal analytics tool, enables business managers to improve performance within their functional areas.

Geeknet: Business Analytics for Midsize Businesses: Challenges and Benefits

Business intelligence derived from sophisticated analytics can make midsize businesses be more competitive, make information--‐based decisions faster and better, improves operational efficiencies, and boosts the bottom line.

3 capabilities to fuel today's dynamic planning and forecasting

IBM Cognos software allows businesses to analyze performance, model business strategies and processes, and contribute to a common set of business objectives.

The Big Data Zoo-Taming the Beasts

According to Dr. Devlin's white paper "The Big Data Zoo-Taming the Beasts", data is still data, whether big or small. It needs to be managed effectively if organizations want to be gain value from it.

Delivering IT as a Service With Software-Defined Data Center

The pace of IT change is increasing remarkably. Mobility, cloud computing, social media, consumerization, big data and analytics have all become deeply interwoven within today's enterprise. Learn More>>

Achieve an astounding return on investment with Toad™ for Oracle®

Download the whitepaper today and learn how Dell Toad™ can lead your company to big savings and big returns.

How iPaaS Supports Today's Hybrid IT Environments

Learn how iPaaS differs from middleware, as well as how it provides significant cost and agility improvements for hybrid IT environments.

Powering Through the Economy

Today's lean, more tightly­regulated economy and the ever­increasing importance of IT have many organizations caught in a bind. On one hand, reliable access to power is vital to keeping data centers operational, and the costs associated with loss of power can be devastating. On the other hand, IT departments are being asked to get more done with less money even as energy rates continue to rise. This white paper explores five specific steps you can take to power your way through these difficult times.

Unleashing Stranded Power and Cooling from New and Existing Data Centers

This white paper examines the underlying roots of today's data center power and cooling crisis and outlines five steps businesses can take to support intensifying IT requirements economically by removing inefficiencies from their power and cooling infrastructure.

Managing to Secure

Many security professionals responsibilities include managing firewalls, worrying about e-mail security, testing and deploying software patches, securing Web caches and gateways and much more. The last thing network security manager’s need is more devices to manage. Learn about the four key components of IPS manageability to consider for effective network-security management.

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