Get a direct connection to the public cloud

December 10, 2012
Cloud providers are now offering direct links, with promises of more bandwidth, lower latency, and less costs
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Fear of virtualization in 2012? Believe it

December 03, 2012
As commonplace as server virtualization has become, isolated pockets of fear and uncertainty still exist around the technology
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5 data center breakthroughs I'm thankful for

November 22, 2012
Savor these server, networking, and storage advancements while you're fixing Mom's computer this holiday season
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The 50 shades of the enterprise tech gray market

November 19, 2012
You can save a bundle of money buying redundant or noncritical gear from the gray market, but a lot of risk is involved
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The advantages of IT on a shoestring budget

November 12, 2012
Many enterprises can learn a few things from the cheap, self-supporting nature of service provider IT operations
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What to look for onsite when choosing a colo facility

November 05, 2012
Hurricane Sandy provides an excellent reminder that no matter how good a colo's facilities look on paper, careful attention to detail is critical to picking a good one
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How to choose the right type of colocation center

October 29, 2012
Few can afford a highly redundant data center, so a colo makes a lot of sense. But what kind of colo, exactly?
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The secret to building primary storage for the private cloud

October 22, 2012
Although you may use much of the same storage gear you have in your data center, the private cloud demands a different mindset
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CYA: 3 rules to keep a systems crisis from taking down IT

October 15, 2012
Even the most redundant of infrastructures can be brought down by a lack of readily accessible knowledge
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Uh oh, the system went down: 5 rules for better troubleshooting

October 01, 2012
Troubleshooting a downed mission-critical system can be terrifying, but a slow, methodical approach can save you time
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