How to wrangle distributed data

February 01, 2010
Delivering fast and reliable access to enterprise storage across a wide area network can be a huge challenge. Here are some common strategies and pitfalls
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Tape is dead! Long live tape!

January 25, 2010
With all the advances made in storage technology over the years, is tape still the best answer for backups?
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Protect your data with snapshots

January 18, 2010
Storage snapshots minimize the risk of data loss, but you need to choose the right snapshot tool for the job
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Deny all, permit some

January 11, 2010
Securing your data is as much about keeping your data in as it is keeping intruders out. One simple rule works wonders
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Wrangling your unstructured data

January 05, 2010
Quick and easy tips to gain control over that sprawl of files that won't fit in a database
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Virtualization: Present and future

December 28, 2009
As server virtualization has matured it has fundamentally changed the way IT works. What's next?
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NAS vs. SAN: Which tool for the job?

December 21, 2009
Borrowed features have blurred the distinction between NAS and SAN, but they still have very different applications
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Managing mountains of data: The big picture

December 14, 2009
To craft a complete storage strategy, you need to drill into all levels of the infrastructure -- but don't forget the big picture
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Data storage: Buried alive!

December 07, 2009
Before you know it, the volume of data you store will eventually crush you -- and there's only one way to stop it
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Quick rules to avoid overbuying or underbuying storage

November 30, 2009
Appropriately sizing a new primary storage environment can be tricky. Follow these guidelines to avoid doing it wrong
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