Monitor your storage -- or else

April 12, 2010
Long-term trending is critical to maintaining a surprise-free storage infrastructure
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Can you avoid a big mistake when buying primary storage?

April 05, 2010
Management software is what makes or breaks storage solutions, so vendors should provide a simulator for you to test it before you spend the big bucks
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The high cost of lazy storage practices

March 29, 2010
In the enterprise data explosion, we are our own worst enemy
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The big data addiction

March 22, 2010
The data explosion isn't just about size -- it's about how our dependence on ever-expanding data feeds on itself
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Three questions for storage buyers

March 15, 2010
Here's how to walk the line between spending too much and not buying enough storage hardware
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Are virtual tape libraries a passing fancy?

March 08, 2010
With most backup software vendors supporting feature-rich deduplication, the need for VTLs has diminished
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Right-size your backup strategy

March 01, 2010
Multi-layer backup schemes can be complicated and expensive, so know your business objectives before you buy
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Is cheap disk storage really cheap?

February 22, 2010
Unbelievably inexpensive networked storage options have emerged, but the saying 'you get what you pay for' still applies
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Shrink your backup window

February 15, 2010
Back up from shared storage rather than from servers and you can reduce backup times -- if you know what you're doing
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Buy an 'expensive' SAN and save money

February 08, 2010
Think you can't afford a SAN? Run the numbers, weigh the advantages, and think again
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