Confessions of a cloud skeptic

June 21, 2010
'The cloud' has gotten way more attention than it deserves. Can we finally move on?
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The right way to use SSDs in your storage environment

June 14, 2010
Solid-state drives are taking the storage world by storm, but they're not good for everything quite yet
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An SSD crash course: What you need to know

June 07, 2010
Chances are increasing that you'll use flash memory for primary storage, but nasty surprises are possible with naive adoption
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Can you trust your tech support?

June 03, 2010
As storage products grow more complex, enterprise support becomes more critical -- even as it declines in quality
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Plan for the future -- or fail

May 24, 2010
Get off the treadmill to nowhere. If you don't have long-term, technology-agnostic infrastructure plan, you're inviting waste on a massive scale
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IT infrastructure: Whatever happened to reliability?

May 17, 2010
As storage solutions become more advanced, software complexity increases -- and multiplies the possibilities of failure
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Skip the classroom and build your own lab

May 10, 2010
Instructor-led training is often a waste. Use that time and money to create a lab and teach yourself
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Hot tips for building a warm site

May 03, 2010
If your organization can't risk downtime, you need a warm site -- and advice on avoiding the pitfalls of building one
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You vs. cloud computing

April 26, 2010
Like it or not, cloud-based "IT as a service" is coming -- and you're in its crosshairs. Are you up to the fight?
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The real cost of lying about IT infrastructure costs

April 19, 2010
Are you hiding the truth from management to justify the money you need to operate your infrastructure? That's a dangerous game
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