VMware pushes new storage paradigm for virtualized world

September 19, 2011
With Dell, EMC, HP, IBM, and NetApp, VMware wants to change the way you think about storage. It's going to be a wild ride
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The storage perks of VMware vSphere 5

September 12, 2011
File system improvements in vSphere 5 enhance storage scalability and lay the groundwork for flashy features like Storage DRS
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The real story behind VMworld 2011

September 06, 2011
VMware's shindig has become the industry's next-gen data center show -- and this year's event was more revealing than ever
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The network must converge -- but admin roles don't have to

August 29, 2011
Cisco's Nexus 1000V gives server and network administrators separate, familiar interfaces with which to manage their respective chunks of infrastructure
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The good and bad of multiprotocol storage

August 22, 2011
Primary storage that supports a wide range of protocols can be a lifesaver or a constant source of irritation
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Beyond virtualization in the private cloud

August 15, 2011
More than automation combined with virtualization, the private cloud can tap into enormous efficiencies in network and storage layers
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Why ask why? Because it may save time and money

August 08, 2011
You couldn't function if you questioned everything. But knowing when to ask the obvious question goes a long way
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iSCSI learns new tricks

August 01, 2011
As converged Ethernet based on new data center bridging standards proliferates, iSCSI vendors quickly capitalize on the trend
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How I learned to stop worrying and love the private cloud

July 25, 2011
With the right mix of embedded IT experience and managerial support, private clouds can benefit business IT and users alike
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The ugly truth about disaster recovery

July 11, 2011
High availability, disaster recovery, and business continuity often fail due to poor design. Here's how to do them right -- even in the cloud
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