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LucidWorks, Hortonworks team up to be Hadoop's search engine

LucidWorks Solr joins with the Hortonworks Data Platform as part of a plan to better enable Hadoop for search

Hortonworks and Pivotal vie for Hadoop dominance

The companies' new releases offer radically different ways of making Hadoop a useful enterprise tool

Sony, Panasonic develop 300GB optical discs for enterprise storage

Discs based on the format will last decades longer than magnetic tapes and hard drives, the companies said

Custom server market grows at expense of Dell, HP

Server market revenue declines in the fourth quarter, but white-box server makers such as Quanta and Inventec thrive

US seeks information on industry ability to hold bulk phone data

The government is exploring third-party alternatives for holding the phone metadata

Cloud storage controllers soothe cloud anxiety

Cloud storage sounds great until performance, availability, and security concerns arise. As Ranajit Nevatia of Panzura explains, cloud storage controllers offer an elegant prescription

5 must-have capabilities for every monitoring system

Solid infrastructure and application monitoring are critical to maintaining performance and uptime, but not all systems will make the cut

Kinesis: Amazon's cloud opens to the Internet of things

Service for real-time data processing could be cloud giant's first steps toward Internet of things domination

The secret to troubleshooting performance problems

Performance problems are among the most difficult to solve, requiring much preparation and well-honed soft skills to undo

2014 will be the year of data

If 2012 might've been the end of the world and 2013 saw the end of privacy, without question, data will dominate in 2014

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InfoClipz: Storage virtualization

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