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Developing Big Data Capabilities to Govern and Influence Sentiment

The explosion of Big Data represents an opportunity to leverage trending attitudes in the marketplace to better segment and target customers, and enhance products and promotions.

Test Driving Big Data with a POC

Companies can quickly demonstrate the opportunities and limits of a potential Big Data initiative and guide smart investment with a skillfully crafted and executed POC.

The Perils of Over-Complicating Data Warehouses

IT organizations and architects often over-design data warehouse environments, adding unneeded complexity. Adding complexity can drive costs of ownership, upgrade and maintenance issues, integration hassles, and end user dissatisfaction.

Get the Facts: LTO Tape Reliability Saves

Don't listen to the hype. Tape remains the most reliable storage solutions available. Find out the truth about backups and why disk and tape play key roles in the storage hierarchy.

The Evolving Role of Disk and Tape

Disk-based solutions for data protection have opened up new storage options for organizations.

LTFS Hits the Mark in Media Entertainment: An In-Depth Introduction to LTFS for Digital Media

In the media and entertainment industry, content is king. The majority of this content is now produced in digital form and virtually all of this content has digital distribution; that content is not digital data.

Tape Fallacies Exposed -- The Future of Tape Is Still Bright

Tape is not going away anytime soon. That may disappoint the "tape is dead" crowd who believe in fallacies such as disk can replace tape for all practical purposes

Addressing the Broken State of Backup with a New Category of Disk-Based Backup Solutions

Today, IT organizations are faced with a number of challenges when managing backup processes, including the need for faster backup, restore, tape copy, and recovery times.

Case study: Hancock Fabrics speeds up with Infinio

"Infinio lets me squeeze a little more newness out of old hardware." - James Hayes, VP IT, Hancock Fabrics

Get SSD-class performance without SSDs - ESG brief

A few mouse clicks, no reboots, no downtime, practically no risk, and 30 minutes to faster storage. Infinio Is aiming a software solution at a hardware problem.

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