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Optimizing Your Network for New Bandwidth Requirements

Check out the results of a recent IDG study that reveals four indisputable reasons to make your move now for lasting business impact - from a more responsive network and agile datacenter to support for virtualization and cloud deployments.

Best practices for facing today's log management challenges

This whitepaper discusses key best practices to consider when evaluating automated log management solutions.

Alert Logic: Leader in Forrester Wave evaluation of emerging MSSPs

In this paper Forrester shares the results of their 15-criteria evaluation of the top ten emerging players in the MSSP market.

Protect your brand with Alert Logic PCI DSS compliance solutions

Alert logic's cloud-powered solutions help organizations that process, store or transmit credit card data eliminate the burden of PCI compliance. This product brief outlines Alert Logic's solutions and the unique benefits offered.

How to Choose the Right SSD

SSDs boast the combination of increased I/O (input/output) throughput and greater power density (IOPS/Watt), which can accelerate applications and enable data center footprint reductions; a compelling argument for evaluating SSD drives.

How Hyperscale Data Centers Can Benefit from SSDs

Many traditional enterprises are moving to hyperscale architecture due to its scalabilty. Today's SSDs are an ideal solution that many organizations are implementing in their hyperscale infrastructure.

The Why and How of SSD Overprovisioning

Read/Modify/Write cycles are extremely costly from a performance and endurance standpoint. To minimize them, SSDs keep a fixed amount of physical flash memory in reserve that is not part of the device's logical address space.

Store Everything. Analyze Anything, Build the Right Thing.

The value of Information has increased, so has the business's thirst for more information.

Start with a Data Lake. End with Business Value.

Pivotal Big Data Suite enables companies to store all data, accelerate processing and most importantly increase the amount of data being analyzed and operationalized within the business - creating actionable insight!

Pivotal Melds Big Data and Platform-as-a-service

The value of Information has increased, so has the business's thirst for more information. Access to data and collaboration are at the heart of delivering a competitive business.

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