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Infographic: Is Your IT Infrastructure Keeping Up?

True Converged infrastructure can cut datacenter costs in half. It's just one of the compelling reasons IT organizations are adopting converged infrastructures at a rapid pace. Discover many other quantifiable benefits in this new Infographic.

Case Study: VCE Forms Foundation for New Cloud Service Provider

Learn how VCE enabled Skyscape to satisfy the most demanding requirements for security, sustainability and compliance and win significant new business in just 10 months.

Case Study: VCE Converged Infrastructure Enables Continuous Operation for Swiss Power Plant

Read how Vblock™ Systems, running in active-active mode, enabled KKL to transform its twin data centers in just two months, enable continuous operations, virtualize 95% of its applications and reduce servers by 50%.

Case Study: Transform Service and Agility with Private Cloud Data Centers

Crédit Agricole is the biggest retail bank in France and one of the largest financial services groups in Europe. Learn about the IT Transformation strategy that enabled them support a rapidly changing business environment.

R20: SQL-on-Hadoop Engines Explained

Organizations today need a programming interface that retains Hadoop's performance and scalability, is easy to maintain, known to non-technical users, and can be used by a variety of existing reporting and analytical tools.

EMA: Foundations for Data-Driven Enterprises: The Rapidly Evolving Hadoop-based Enterprise Data Hub

Hadoop-based solutions are reaching a new level of maturity and are becoming the foundation for data-driven enterprises.

CITO Research: Putting Hadoop to Work the Right Way

This paper takes a deep dive into the intricacies of Hadoop, and recommends how to evaluate Hadoop's platform offerings so you can meet your short-term goals and long-term architectural plans.

The Data Refinery and The Enterprise Data Hub

In this white paper, learn about an alternative solution--the creation of an Enterprise Data Hub on a much lower cost Hadoop platform that can scale to manage increasing data volumes.

Enterprise Mobility Trends 2014: Going Beyond Enterprise Mobility Management

There are trends that enterprises need to respond to-trends that will ultimately alter the way employees perform duties, where data and apps are stored and accessed and how productivity and collaboration are measured.

Five Questions for Every Modern Data Center

The Modern Data Center is virtualized, regardless of whether it is on an enterprise raised floor or in the back closet of an SMB - and either way, it has to be protected reliably and rapidly.

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