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Exchange & BYOD: Avoid Disaster, Plan for Success

Learn how careful planning, good operational processes as well as new techniques and tools can help organizations avoid these pitfalls and make BYOD work.

Consumer Web Portals: Platforms At Significant Security Risk

This report discusses the top business risks related to the security of consumer facing portals and the latest identity-related technologies that some organizations are already using or plan to adopt to minimize their risk.

Hadoop Buyer's Guide

This Buyer's Guide presents a series of guidelines that you can use when searching for the essential Hadoop infrastructure that will be sustaining your organization for years to come.

The Forrester Wave: Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014

Read the Forrester Wave: Big Data Hadoop Solutions, Q1 2014 to learn: Current Hadoop market trends; Key criteria for selecting a big data Hadoop solution vendor; Why MapR scored highest for its current offering of all the vendors.

R20: SQL-on-Hadoop Engines Explained

Organizations today need a programming interface that retains Hadoop's performance and scalability, is easy to maintain, known to non-technical users, and can be used by a variety of existing reporting and analytical tools.

Intelligent Business Strategies: The Data Refinery and The Enterprise Data Hub

In this white paper, learn about an alternative solution--the creation of an Enterprise Data Hub on a much lower cost Hadoop platform that can scale to manage increasing data volumes.

10 Best Practices for Integrating Data

Data integration is often underestimated and poorly implemented, taking time and resources. Yet it continues to grow in strategic importance as customer data and touch points grow with the emergence of cloud, social and mobile technologies.

No Time to Wait: The Imperative of Agile Data Integration

Download the No Time to Wait whitepaper and discover how integration offers a simple means to get critical data to the right person, quickly and without compromising the integrity of existing business systems.

Learn How the LA Angels Hit a Home Run for End-users

Download the LA Angel's Case Study today to learn how two way data integrations improved their productivity and customer satisfaction.

Cooling Capacity Factor (CCF) Reveals Stranded Capacity and Data Center Cost Savings

The average computer room today has cooling capacity that is nearly four times the IT heat load. Using data from 45 sites this white paper will show how you can calculate, interpret and benefit from a simple metric called the Cooling Capacity Factor.

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