Are users hoarding data? Here's where to put it

July 07, 2014
If you're maintaining data not accessed since the Clinton Administration, there's a place for it -- and it should ease data migration in the future
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Tech traps 101: How to meet deadlines without sabotaging the future

June 30, 2014
Designing software, network infrastructure, or any system is a minefield, but you can avoid placing traps for yourself to find later
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Murder in the Amazon cloud

June 23, 2014
The demise of Code Spaces at the hands of an attacker shows that, in the cloud, off-site backups and separation of services could be key to survival
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Apache or Nginx? Go with both

June 16, 2014
Choosing a Web server is not a zero-sum game, and many workloads favor a combination of the two leading names
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The new OpenSSL flaw is no Heartbleed

June 09, 2014
Yes, another flaw has been discovered in OpenSSL, but it's nowhere near the severity or scale of Heartbleed
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It's time we hold companies responsible for data breaches

June 02, 2014
Data security regulation is the only measure keeping retailers from burning us all, over and over again
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The FCC's Net neutrality plan is much worse than it looks

May 27, 2014
Under the new proposal, ISPs will be slower to upgrade their networks and will find it easier to exploit customers on both ends
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The next weapon in the War on the Internet: the brownout

May 15, 2014
Perhaps we need Google, Microsoft, and other defenders of Net neutrality to give us a public example of Slow Lane Internet to show everyone where the FCC is taking us
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The FCC has already started destroying the Internet

May 12, 2014
The mere mention of the awful new rules proposed by the FCC already is causing fallout
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Thanks to Tom Wheeler, the end of the open Internet is nigh

May 05, 2014
The very fate of a free society rests on enshrining the open Internet -- and the FCC chairman seems determined to do the opposite
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