How the ISP duopoly is nailing Netflix -- and you

January 10, 2011
Netflix streaming video is a prime example of disruptive technology. To quash it, the big ISPs don't need to lift a finger
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Demand Net neutrality as a basic right

January 03, 2011
All free speech is converging on the Internet. Can speech still be called 'free' if access to it is controlled by a profiteering few?
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FCC's Open Internet Order bodes ill for Net neutrality

December 21, 2010
The startlingly poor compromise on Net neutrality may do more harm than good for users in the long run
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All I want for Xmas is no more discs

December 20, 2010
CDs and DVDs are so over. Why are so many still around? If only one big eject button could make them all go away
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Why are so many geeks also musicians?

December 13, 2010
A valiant attempt to explain the undeniable connection between computing and music from someone who lives in both worlds
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When Comcast bullies Netflix, the Internet loses

December 06, 2010
By charging Level 3 to deliver Netflix content to users, Comcast is double dipping -- and setting up a classic protection racket
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Five ways to bulletproof your infrastructure

November 29, 2010
There's no such thing as 100 percent uptime, but following these tips can get you a lot closer to the goal
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The six immutable laws for troubleshooting IT

November 22, 2010
Here's the tech knowledge not taught in school. Follow these rules and troubleshoot your way out of almost any problem
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How to become a certified IT ninja

November 15, 2010
When it comes to solving IT problems, knowing where to look -- and what to put out of your mind -- is most of the battle
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From Sun's destruction, new ventures may bloom

November 08, 2010
The old Sun Microsystems is no more, as its stars flee Oracle's marketing-driven culture. Could that be good in the long run?
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