Wanted: Brilliant technology slave

April 18, 2011
Do you have what it takes to do everything at once without missing a beat? Then Fergenschmeir Systems wants you
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Luddites, leave your tech nostalgia at home

April 11, 2011
Want to leave the data center and go back in time at 5 p.m.? Fine. Just fast-forward to 2011 when you get to work the next day
IT Strategy
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Why GUIs suck, revisited

April 04, 2011
Still think that GUIs rule on IT gear? You're so wrong. As proof, a tale of woe that contrasts the GUI and command-line approaches
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Dealing with system consoles from hell

March 28, 2011
It's the little things that hurt -- like the inability to hit the Escape key when your life depends on it
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Dead Air: Tale of an epic Mac fail

March 21, 2011
Of all the places to have my first major problem with a MacBook Air, did it have to be at 30,000 feet?
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How hard does your network infrastructure work?

March 14, 2011
Are your servers and network gear hard at work, or hardly working? You might be surprised to find out the truth
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Why the Windows Server crew deserves respect, too

March 07, 2011
The lessons of Unix history are not lost on Windows -- and that's one reason why Windows Server has become so complex
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The decline and fall of system administration

February 28, 2011
Virtualization makes it all too easy to spawn new instances rather than figuring out what went wrong. Is this the end of Unix best practices?
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When in doubt, reboot? Not Unix boxes

February 21, 2011
Rebooting Windows boxes is a way of life, but rebooting by default can you get you nowhere fast when running Unix
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Nine traits of the veteran Unix admin

February 14, 2011
Follow this field guide if you want to understand the rare and elusive hard-core Unix geek
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