How to buy hardware for virtualization

June 27, 2011
Know the optimum specs for CPU, memory, storage, redundancy, and networking to get the best possible results for virtualization
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How security became mission impossible

June 20, 2011
It's getting harder and harder to secure an Internet-connected network. In fact, it's no longer possible
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Getting sentimental over hardware

June 13, 2011
The cliché 'if it works, don't fix it' doesn't necessarily apply to servers and switches, as a monster test lab rebuild illustrates
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How to succeed in IT without really trying

June 06, 2011
Know what you're doing? If so, you'll pay the price of being in high demand, while the slackers party on
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Is your IT job indispensable? Then no vacation for you

May 31, 2011
In nearly every IT shop, the big problems always come down to the one person who can solve them, no matter the day or time
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Insult to injury: San Francisco wins $1.5M from Terry Childs

May 23, 2011
It's abundantly clear that San Francisco is making an example of Terry Childs. But for whom?
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Fire up a Microsoft network without Microsoft

May 16, 2011
Non-Microsoft servers running Microsoft networks may be the small-business network appliances of the future
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Why network administration is so bleeping hard

May 09, 2011
Every network is different -- so network configuration and troubleshooting remain highly specialized and valued skills
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Admin tip: Leave well enough alone, dummy

May 02, 2011
If you weren't a little OCD, you wouldn't be in IT. Here's how a nagging desire to put everything in its place can wreak havoc
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Will Apple's enterprise success spark a business cloud offering?

April 25, 2011
Apple has made huge inroads with client devices in the enterprise, so a business cloud may not be far behind
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