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Data center servers, storage, and switches form the foundation of enterprise IT, with virtualization and power-efficient hardware on the rise.

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Whatever happened to green IT?

Green initiatives have withered, but there are IT execs who think green can still make a difference

Why all businesses should care about Net neutrality

If you think your company has nothing to fear from 'slow lane' Internet, think again

MIT may have just solved all your data center network lag issues

New Fastpass system opts for counter-intuitive central processing architecture

Review: Cloud Foundry brings power and polish to PaaS

Cloud Foundry impresses with broad application support, streamlined deployment, and enterprise extras from Pivotal, though initial setup could be simpler

Tech unemployment stays down, and demand for consultants soars

More signs of growing worker confidence: Increase in rejected job offers and in employees quitting their jobs

To troubleshoot, mix two parts observation with one part magic

Believe it or not! With some technology problems, the mere act of seeing is fixing -- or so it would seem

Are users hoarding data? Here's where to put it

If you're maintaining data not accessed since the Clinton Administration, there's a place for it -- and it should ease data migration in the future

China has the fastest supercomputer, but the U.S. still rules

Despite increasing global competition in supercomputing, 90 percent of the Top 500 systems are made by U.S. vendors

How-to: Get started with Docker

Docker makes virtualization light, easy, and portable; follow this step-by-step guide from installing Docker to building a Docker container for the Apache Web server

One enterprise tech trend to rule them all

It's turning enterprise IT on its head. It promises vast cost savings, shorter time to market, and continuous technology improvement. And it can't be stopped -- at least not for long

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The green IT stars of 2010

InfoWorld's 2010 Green 15 Awards: Green-tech projects coupled with innovation and collaboration yield bountiful rewards more

Data Center Slideshow

The InfoWorld Hardware Hall of Fame

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Why all businesses should care about Net neutrality
Why all businesses should care about Net neutrality

Blog by Paul Venezia

If you think your company has nothing to fear from 'slow lane' Internet, think again
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