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The consumerization of IT is happening all around us, as employees rely on mobile devices, cloud services, and social media for business.

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Support letdowns tarnish Apple's sterling quality

By building better products, Apple creates higher user expectations for addressing issues when they arise

Support letdowns tarnish Apple's sterling quality

Pay up: The free ride is over for corporate BYOD

Some companies saw BYOD as a way to make employees pay to do their job, but a court ruling may end that abuse

Your business has gone mobile -- now what?

So you've said yes to the use of personal tech. How do you make it work for and in your business?

Neura's novel approach: Baking intelligence into connected devices

Neura, a startup that has been accepted into Microsoft Ventures' accelerator program, has a novel approach to connecting devices

The iPhone and iPad may be losing their enterprise luster

Android's improvements are magnifying IT's frustrations with iOS and providing a viable alternative for real-world deployments

3D printing makes its move into production

The use of 3D printing for finished goods is about to disrupt manufacturing and supply chains in a big way. Here's why, and here's how IT will be critical to that transition

The 3 ways the Internet of things will unfold

The three key segments of the real IoT are on different paths, so don't think of them as one entity

The proper care and support of today's mobile worker

With a new balance between employee choice and business assurance, a different approach to management is critical

Android has good reason to fear Apple's resurgence

Suddenly, the punditocracy is saying Samsung's best days are behind, and Apple may dominate mobile again

PwC: IoT will become multitrillion-dollar market by 2020

The number of businesses adopting 'Internet of things' technology continues to grow

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The real force behind the consumerization...

You can blame the iPhone,, and Facebook, but the truth is that business itself has driven the shift to... more

Consumerization of IT White Paper

BYOD and Mobile Strategy Deep Dive

This 29-page PDF guide looks at all aspects of the issue, including the underlying consumerization trend,the role of... more

Consumerization of IT Features

Making sense of mobile-device, app, and...

As BYOD moves out of basic email access, IT seeks control over apps and data on users' devices. What can IT actually get? more

Support letdowns tarnish Apple's sterling quality
Support letdowns tarnish Apple's sterling quality

Blog by Galen Gruman

By building better products, Apple creates higher user expectations for addressing issues when they arise
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