Apple's iPod Touch is fast becoming the new cash register

October 19, 2012
As everyone targets mobile-payment clients on smartphones, Apple gets the retailers on iOS
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Afraid of BYOD? Intel shows a better way

October 12, 2012
Intel does more than manage user devices: It embraces and actively invites them in
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The coming Internet video crash

October 05, 2012
First, it was data caps on cellular, and now caps on wired broadband -- welcome to the end of the rich Internet
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Why the PC makers and Microsoft will never beat Apple

September 28, 2012
Pretty cases for laptops aren't why Apple's sales continue to grow and PC sales stagger
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It's war! BYOD exposes IT's deep distrust of users

September 25, 2012
A new Unisys survey reveals that divide between IT and the rest of the company isn't closing, but that users are winning
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Watch out! iOS 6 can jack up your phone bill

September 21, 2012
Steer clear of sticker shock -- follow these steps to disable the iO6 features that can eat up your iPhone or iPad's data plan
iPhone, Data Plan, iOS
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One number to rule them all: What smartphones miss today

September 14, 2012
Buzz centers on smartphones, but new generation of digital nomads are begging for innovation in landlines, VoIP
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Kindle Fire vs. iPad: The battle at home may hurt your iPad at work

September 07, 2012
The and Apple iTune-centered ecosystems will battle over content for the home, with repercussions that go far beyond
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Apple devices only? That's not BYOD

August 31, 2012
Given the choice, most users tend to want iPhones and iPads, so some IT organizations are standardizing on Apple. But that's just another way of hobbling user empowerment
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3 rules for doing BYOD right

August 24, 2012
With these three basic guidelines, BYOD can work for everyone without unfairly burdening IT
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