It's vacation time: Leave the work (safely) behind

July 26, 2013
Security fearmongers say employees can't be trusted to keep corporate data safe outside the office -- so stop making them take it
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The latest mobile security darlings won't work either

July 19, 2013
Users simply won't accept locked-down, limited, and clunky tools like containerization, dual personas, and virtualization
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The savvy tech strategy behind Obamacare

July 12, 2013
The ONC's Doug Fridsma explains why the health IT for EHRs and Obamacare should be like the Internet, and not like ERP or traditional IT systems
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Another Windows tablet falls short of the iPad

July 02, 2013
Microsoft keeps giving IT hope that Windows can out-tablet the iPad, so why can't it beat the iPad's quality or even security?
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The mobile commerce revolution will be messy

June 28, 2013
It's a Wild West of competing apps and services for both payments and shopping tools
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Chromebook Pixel? Beautiful and wrong

June 21, 2013
Very nice hardware and an improved Chrome OS don't overcome the fact the Web is a weak computer
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Yes, iOS 7 copies Windows Phone and Android -- get used to it

June 14, 2013
Apple's rivals have shamelessly copied Macs, iPods, iPhones, and iPads for decades; now Apple returns the compliment
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How Apple's iOS 7, OS X Mavericks, and iCloud change the game

June 11, 2013
More than a step up in user experience, Apple's forthcoming desktop, mobile, and cloud federation hits Google and Microsoft where it hurts
Mac OS X
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WWDC 2013 is Apple's chance to reassert a unified vision

June 10, 2013
Beyond iOS 7 and OS X 10.9, Apple's moving in multiple directions -- and sometimes spreading its focus too wide
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Big Brother tech might be America's last hope for health

May 31, 2013
Wearable monitors, big data, e-commerce technologies, and pro-health propaganda may fix U.S. health care
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